Bar Mitzvah Form

Mazel Tov on the occasion of your son’s bar mitzvah! This is an exciting milestone for your entire family. We look forward to working together to be able to celebrate your child becoming a bar mitzvah in a meaningful and memorable way. Please take a moment to complete the included form so that we may better understand your needs and vision for the occasion. Thank you.

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You must have a JFX Family membership to be eligible for this service. Membership fees can be found on our membership page . An additional $500 Bar Mitzvah fee includes all tutoring, administration and rabbinical services. This fee does not include any facility charges.

Bnai Mitzvah Kidush

Cost: $1500 (Bnai Mitzvah package covers up to 50 Bnai Mitzvah guests).
Over 50 people $15 per person (for additional guests).
$200 for additional wait staff and clean-up staff.

Student Preparation

If you would like to further upgrade your event, we are happy to provide suggestions. It is our goal to provide your child with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to become a bar mitzvah. This may include, but is not limited to, learning his parsha (Torah portion), learning to read and/or chant his portion from the Torah, being able to explain the meaning of his Torah portion in English, learning prayers to lead in service and learning to apply the lessons of his portion to his own life. The bar mitzvah preparation will include any Hebrew reading lessons necessary by Penina Rossman, our JFX Hebrew reading specialist, as well as guidance from both Rabbi Koval and Rabbi Josh Grodko.

Important Contact Information

Deena Henfield, Office Manager: 216-591-9525
Rabbi Sruly Koval, Program Director: 216-509-1989
Ruchi Koval, Associate Director: 216-346-9582
Miriam Koval, Event Manager: 440-990-8440
Penina Rossman, Hebrew Reading Specialist: 585-498-0083 (text)

John Carroll Annex Info

Building Manager: Rory Hill
Sanctuary fixed seats: 290
Community Room Dimensions: Approximately 40’ by 40’
Wooden round tables: 60” tables - 20 units available 8’ banquet tables - 5 units available A few other tables of various sizes are available. Please ask for more information.
Chairs: Black vinyl stacking chairs: Approximately 200 units Blue stacking chairs: Approximately 80 units
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