JFX celebration the sukkot, chanukah and purim

Celebrate our rich and colorful holidays with JFX! From Sukkah parties, Purim carnivals with hamentaschen, and Chanukah celebrations with latkes and doughnuts, there’s always something going on in conjunction with the Jewish calendar.

"Spending the holidays with JFX makes them more meaningful and pertinent for both the adults and children in our family. Whether it is the High Holy Days, Passover, or Shabbat we all get to spend time with friends, learn something interesting and new, and eat well (we are Jewish, after all). The holidays have a different and more important feeling when we know the reason we are celebrating that specific holiday in that particular way—we have the Kovals and the JFX to thank for giving us the answers to so many of our 'why' questions."

Greg and Hallie Abrams, Orange


Pesach note:

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