partners in torah 2020

One of our most highly acclaimed programs! Once a month on Sunday mornings at Laurel, or more often as your individual schedules allow, pair up with a study buddy or in small groups for completely customized study. Want to learn Hebrew? How to keep kosher? Jewish history? Parenting? This is your opportunity. Many of our Partners-in-Torah volunteers become beloved members of the JFX community and close friends with their study partners. A mutually enriching experience for all. 10:00 am monthly on Sunday mornings.


"Though we just met our Partners in Torah and had one wonderful lesson that concentrated on Pirkei Avot, we would like to thank you for partnering us with such an incredible couple as Raphael and Rivki Silver. We found that we have a lot in common and had enjoyed both our conversation and the lesson tremendously. I'm sure we will continue and deepen our understanding of Torah together. Thank you again."

Ris and Miri Gilad, Mayfield Heights