Havdalah ceremony

Jewish families from all backgrounds and ages join together at a local hotel for a Shabbat oasis experience for the weekend. With top-notch day camp for the kids, entertaining and thought provoking classes and workshops, delectable menu, and lovely accommodations, this weekend is a luxurious experience both spiritually and physically. The learning, the laughter and the inspiration, in the company of great friends, keeps us going until the next Shabbaton.

David: "Somewhere in the middle of the Shabbaton it struck us that there was nowhere else we needed to be or should have been, or wanted to be, for that matter. We had not thought about the world outside of the Bertram since arriving because everything important to us was right there..."

Avril: "That was the most INCREDIBLE experience! I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this past weekend. I left there feeling so uplifted like I'd been to a spa."

David and Avril Burg, Solon

"If I could rate it one out of five stars, I'd give it a six. I love that I get to be with my non-school friends and some school friends. When it's over, I'm already looking forward to the next year."
Charlie Greene, University Heights